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Lady Eagle Wrestling Alumni Hall of Fame


This page will contain information about some of Del Oro's Lady Eagle Wrester Alumni, that placed at the Sac Jouquin Section Masters meet and/or the CIF State Meet.  Winners of the Toledo Don Scholarship are also listed.


Bree Simmons Class of 2012 8th CIF SJS Masters, Team Captian.  Currently BYU Track Athlete


Emily Nash Class of 2013 8th CIF SJS Masters 1s Toledo Don Scholorship Winner, Team Captian, Currently Attending UC Berkeley


Jessica Dupriest Class of 2014 Toledo Don Scholarship winner, Team Captian. Currently at San Francisco State


Haley Callaway Class of 2015 Toledo Don Scholarship winner.  Curently attending BYU-Idaho



Kendall Porter 2014 CIF SJS Masters 6th

2015 SJS Masters 4th

Marissa Thomas 2014 CIF SJS Masters 6th

2015 SJS Masters 5th

Hallaway Callaway 2014 CIF SJS Masters 6th

2015 SJS Masters 2nd

Liz Orr 2014 CIF SJS Masters 6th

Gabby Nordquist 2014 CIF SJS Masters 6th


Candice Corralejo 2015 4th CIF State Meet SJS Masters 2nd

Savanah Scott  2015 SJS Masters 2nd State Qualifer

Emelia Kingston 2015 SJS Masters 2nd State Qualifer

Keiligh Burrage 2015 SJS Masters 5th State Qualifer

Elana Topete 2015 SJS Masters 4th State Qualifer


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